Professional Organizer discusses ways to organize your office and files by using File folders in a file cabinet lined up in an organized fashion

Organizing The Chaotic Home Office

Organizing your home office – the right tips from the pro.

Alright! You did it!  You started your own home business and it’s taking off.  New clients are calling you as we speak.  But if you’re like a lot of people, as the business grows so does the disorganization.  Before too long your desk looks like a bomb went off and you’re sure someone’s file got lost in the blast.   Your desk has become out of control and the last thing you want is to sit in front of the clutter.  

There’s a method to maximizing the organization of your desk and home office, and I’m going to share it with you.
Having a cluttered desk makes it near impossible to focus on what you need to be doing.  There’s always that little piece of paper that’s not supposed to be there and it catches your eye.  Maybe it’s a napkin from the restaurant you went to the night before.  Someone drew a picture of a dog on it.  Or is it a cow?  And suddenly you are obsessed with that napkin and not with the email your client asked you to print out and sign.   
The key to a clean workspace is to remember; the real estate on your desk is priceless. Only put things on it that will help you conduct your business better.  Only keep paperwork that you truly need on your desk and make sure it’s in an organized file holder.  Keep your pictures and trinkets to a minimum.  Open up your desk drawers and check the pens.  Do they still have ink in them?  If not, time to toss them.  How many Post-It notes do you have hiding in there? Put the overflow into a small plastic container with other small office supplies and neatly store it away.
You might be too busy to make those decisions on your own, so we at Free Your Space Professional Organizing are happy to come in and help.  In just a few hours, both your desk and your office will be organized and clean and ready to handle your growing business. 
(And the drawing on the napkin is a cow.  Dogs don’t usually have spots and udders.)